Batiment 36


My research area is representation theory, mainly the qualitative aspect of branching problems in representation theory. I use algebraic geometry and combinatorial tools (Littelmann path theory). In this field, I defended my thesis in 1995 under the supervision of Michel Brion. later, I have collaborated with Nicolas Ressayre and Boris Pasquier.
More recently, I have worked on the classification of some Fano varieties: first (in collaboration with Alvaro Rittatore), the toric Fano varieties whose fan is built from a system of roots, now the spherical Fano varieties of small dimension: with Thibaut Delcroix), in a preprint now on ArXiv (Spherical actions on locally factorial Fano varieties of dimension ≤ 4 and rank ≤ 2) we give the list of spherical Fano varieties of dimension at most 4 and rank at most 2. This list (in a very preliminary version) can be found here.

My most recent completed work in collaboration with Alvaro Rittatore is entitled Gorenstein Fano Generic Torus Orbits closure in G/P . In this work, we give the list of complete homogeneous spaces G/P such that the generic torus orbit closure of the maximal torus T ⊂ G is a Gorenstein-Fano variety. This article appeared (online) in the Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics. In the first version of this work, the classification in exceptional cases was done with a small script using the SageMath software and Gap3. Even if it is now useless, I leave this script at disposal for the possible curious. We have also written a version based solely on SageMath (which is slower).